Hi, my name is Martha!

Author in sunglasses on white salt flats

I’m a Londoner who has always been passionate about travelling the world and I’m finally realising a long-held dream to write about my travels.

Why I started this blog

Over twenty years working in big organisations, I managed to travel a lot during leave or in between jobs, and I did the odd bit of travel writing here and there – but I didn’t have the time nor energy to focus on it whilst also working long hours and climbing the corporate ladder.

Then Covid came along, my company was affected, and I was made redundant. Since then, I’ve been working freelance – and with the flexibility of being self-employed, I realised I had a great opportunity to focus on two passions: travelling more and travel writing.

How I travel

I would describe myself as an experience-seeker and a discovery addict. I am drawn to both big vibrant cities and vast, dramatic landscapes, quite possibly because I’m an introvert.  Check out my first post to learn more about me and why I travel.

Me in my happy place: out in some wild, dramatic landscape

I travel either with my husband or solo. I’ve travelled on six continents and in all kinds of ways: backpacking, road trips, city breaks, adventures and luxury travel. I’ve landed on a way of travelling that cuts costs on some things in order to indulge in others. I call it ‘smart indulgence’.

I hope the different experiences I’ve had and my travel tips will inspire and empower you to travel more – and to discover the most beautiful places in the world. And that’s why I say this blog May Cause Wanderlust!

Where I’ve been

world map with some countries coloured in
Where I’ve been (so far…)

​My blogging principles

There are three things I try to focus on in my travel writing:

  • Inspiration – I want to inspire people, so I write predominantly about the best experiences I’ve had when travelling; the places that moved and enriched me.
  • Experiences – My articles include useful information, but I also like to share the feelings and sensations I had in a place, and what it meant to me.
  • Authenticity – I will only write about places I have been to. I don’t use ghostwriters or AI writers (I didn’t realise until recently that this might set me apart from some travel blogs!).  If I collaborate with any guest bloggers, I will give credit to them, so you know who they are.


I’m an amateur travel photographer and all images in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated. For more photos, check out my Instagram.

round stone structure overlooks steep green mountains swathed in clouds in the andes in peru
Inca ruin in Peru

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