11 Of The Best Restaurants In Cusco

plate of yellow food topped with flowers at Organika - one of the best restaurants in Cusco

If you’re visiting charming Cusco, the City of the Incas, you will probably want to find out the best restaurants in Cusco.

Peruvian cuisine is extraordinary – it was a revelation to me. Fish dishes include bold ceviche and fresh trout; there’s tender alpaca and crispy cuy, and the many colourful varieties of corn and potato are mind-boggling!

And Cusco’s food scene is second only to Lima, the capital of Peru.  In Cusco, you can find a wide range of restaurants, from fine dining to casual brunch spots; traditional Peruvian dishes to innovative fusion menus.

For this article, I collaborated with several other travellers who have spent time in Cusco and together we have come up with this list of 11 of the best restaurants in Cusco.

Feature image by Laura B from Gallivanting Laura.

11 Of The Best Restaurants In Cusco

1. Organika – Organic, Local-sourced

Contributed by Laura B from Gallivanting Laura

Easily one of the best restaurants in Cusco, Organika is beautiful and the perfect place to enjoy a special dinner in the historical centre of Cusco. Located on Calle Ataud N° 154, the restaurant offers two dining options, inside or outside in the courtyard garden area. Both offer pleasant experiences with attentive service.

The Peruvian curated menu features organic (hence the restaurant name) sustainable farm-to-table ingredients and a unique culinary dining experience. From handmade pasta, classic Peruvian dishes like trout ceviche, alpaca steaks, and quinoa, an array of locally grown vegetables and a selection of wine and cocktails, the menu choices are endless. The fusion of flavours in dishes such as their arugula tiramisu showcases their distinct passion for cuisine.

Overall, Organika brings beautifully presented, unique meals to the table and an exceptional dining experience in the heart of Cusco.

Google rating: 4.8

Trip Adviser rating: 5.0

2. Green Point – Vegan / Plant-Based

Contributed by Coni from Experiencing The Globe

Just a minute stroll away from San Blas square, in the trendy neighbourhood of the same name, is a plant-based paradise: Green Point. Don’t run away if you’re not vegan, though: this place will make you forget you eat meat! 

As well as many classic restaurants in the country, they do Peruvian-Asian fusion. Who knew Perú was trying to get a place among the world’s most veg-friendly destinations?

For Cusco’s standards, it might feel a bit pricy, but the quality of food and service you get makes it worth it. If you’re on a budget, visit during lunchtime and ask for the daily menu. If you can splurge, go enjoy a rather fancy dinner. 

plate of vegan ceviche including beans and red onions with lettuce and potato on the side
Vegan Ceviche at Green Point. Photo: Coni from Experiencing The Globe

Their must-try dishes are oyster mushroom ceviche, quinoa salad, and Cusco grill plater, but you can’t go wrong with whatever you order! Make sure you wash your meal down with a homemade kombucha or a local craft beer.

Google rating: 4.7

Trip Adviser rating: 5.0

3. Deva – Traditional Peruvian

Contributed by me

Do you know that sage advice about picking a restaurant based on where the locals go?  Well, I discovered one of the best restaurants in Cusco on the recommendation of a local contact in Cusco. An old friend of one of my husband’s old friends is from Cusco. While we were there, it was our wedding anniversary and this friend of a friend booked us a table at her favourite restaurant, which was Deva.

It’s a small, intimate place, serving traditional Peruvian cuisine that is locally sourced. I can personally recommend the alpaca steak, which was really tender and delicious. Alpaca is one of several camelids that are native to the Andes – and their meat is a local speciality. It is lean and flavourful.

While I was at Deva, I also tried chicha, a local corn-based alcoholic drink. However, I had to take it easy on the booze because I was struggling with the effects of high altitude and trying to get used to it before doing the strenuous Inca Trail.

I recommend Deva for high-quality authentic local food and warm Andean hospitality. They made our anniversary special.

two lit candles on a plate of rose petals
Anniversary celebration at Deva (sorry I didn’t photograph the great food!). Photo by me

Google rating: 4.6

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

4. Cicciolina – Fusion: Tapas, Italian & Peruvian

Contributed by me

I was recommended to visit Cicciolina by a friend of someone at work and I didn’t know the person, so I didn’t know if they had good taste or not. But I’m glad I took their advice because it turned out to be one of the most charming restaurants in Cusco.

Cicciolina has two big things going for it. The first is delectable food. They serve an innovative fusion menu, with some Italian dishes (as you might guess from the name), some tapas and also some Peruvian dishes. Everything is stunningly presented and tastes amazing!

The second is the lovely courtyard location. Cicciolina is located in an upstairs space accessible from a stone courtyard in an old building in San Blas. The warm and intimate interior is great for a romantic dinner.

Google rating: 4.5

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

night time view restaurant experiot in a courtyard with craft shops below
Photo: Cicciolina

5. LIMO Peruano Nikkei – Japanese & Peruvian Cuisine

Contributed by me

One of the pillars of Peruvian cuisine is ceviche, which is raw fish, cured with citrus juices, mixed with red onion and spices and typically served with corn or potato. Before going to Cusco I’d heard great things about the ceviche at Limo, and it didn’t disappoint.

The menu is not purely ceviche – there’s a Peruvian-Asian blend with noodles and sushi also available. For me, the ceviche was the main draw, though. It was fresh and aromatic; piquant and invigorating; light on the palate. And beautifully presented.

Limo is located in a colonial building right on the main square in Cusco, Plaza de Armas. It’s a great location and some tables in the upstairs restaurant have a view over the vibrant square. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos of this place – apologies!

Google rating: 4.5

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

6. Native Burgers & Salad – Casual Dining / Budget

Contributed by Laura B from Gallivanting Laura

Native Burgers & Salad is a budget-friendly restaurant specializing in typical farm-to-table Peruvian dishes. Located on Calle Resbalosa 410, the restaurant sits tucked away just one block from the bustling Plaza des Armas. It is the perfect place to grab a quality casual lunch or dinner in a welcoming atmosphere.

burger with salad and home-made crispy potatoes of different colours
Alpaca burger at Native Burgers & Salad. Photo: Laura B from Gallivanting Laura

All dishes are beautifully presented using organic ingredients and fresh vegetables from their garden in the Urubamba valley. The menu is relatively small but caters to a range of tastes. Local ingredients like trout, alpaca and potatoes can be enjoyed in dishes such as burgers, salads, sandwiches and pasta. The restaurant is often praised for the tender alpaca meat in their burgers and carpaccio. Each meal is made-to-order in the open kitchen and can be amended to suit any dietary restrictions, including gluten-free.

Overall Native Burgers & Salad provides high-quality ingredients at an affordable price point. It is a hidden gem in Cusco not to be missed. 

Google rating: 4.9

Trip Adviser rating: 5.0

7. TikaSara – Traditional Peruvian Cuisine

Contributed by Tori from Tori Pines Travels

Located in the heart of Cusco, just a few blocks off of Plaza de Armas, is a classic Peruvian-style restaurant with a wide variety and high-quality dishes. The restaurant is called TikaSara and needs to be added to your Cusco itinerary!

This spot is perfect for both lunch and dinner, they focus on traditional Peruvian cuisine, while also offering many vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other dietary restrictive dishes. This makes TikaSara especially great for groups or people with specific dietary requirements.

The restaurant is casual and you won’t have to worry about dress code, or getting a reservation in advance. Peru is known for having one of the best cuisines in all of South America, so before you visit TikaSara, you’ll want to brush up on Peru food facts so you will know what to order.

Start off by ordering a Pisco Sour, or Chicha Morada to drink, and follow with the Lomo Saltado, for a savoury and traditional Peruvian meal.

Google rating: 4.5

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

8. El Tupay – Fine Dining Peruvian

Contributed by Carley from Home to Havana

For an unforgettable fine dining experience in Cusco, head to El Tupay Restaurant. Located inside the Monasterio, a Belmond Hotel, this historic Spanish colonial monastery building is both where to stay in Cusco for unforgettable accommodations and the city’s best five-star meal.

El Tupay is fine dining at its absolute best, with white tablecloths, exquisite service, and a formal dress code, so make sure to come prepared for the occasion. On the menu, you’ll find incredible and inventive examples of traditional Peruvian cooking, with standout dishes including the fresh ceviche and suckling pig.

While the restaurant is open throughout the week, three times a week guests can enjoy live opera performances, which add to the ambience and atmosphere, yet aren’t intrusive to good conversation. Make sure to explore the hotel courtyard and grounds while you’re here; this is a historic monument in Peru and draws visitors beyond just hotel and restaurant guests.

black & white image of archways with light coming through the middle
El Tupay courtyard. Photo: Carley from Home to Havana

Google rating: n/a

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

9. La Bo’M Creperie – French-Peruvian / Brunch

Contributed by Michelle Moyer from Moyer Memoirs

La Bo’M Creperie, also called The Boheme, is located in the old quarter within the historic centre of Cusco in the San Blas area.  It is a short 10-minute walk from the main square.

The San Blas area is known as the artistic district, the perfect location for The Boheme, which is the top floor of a warm & friendly backpacker hostel.  There are many artisans and galleries found within the narrow streets and colonial buildings made of Incan stone to the northeast of Plaza de Armas.

La Bo’M Creperie is a great place for breakfast or brunch since they serve up French-Peruvian crêpes.  Similar to all of the traditional foods in Peru, the creperie uses local ingredients such as avocado, passion fruit, mango, pisco, sauco, aguaymanto jam, and cañihua flour to make their delicious crepes.

plates of filled crepes and avocado with a glass of orange juice
La Bo’M brunch. Photo: Michelle Moyer from Moyer Memoirs

They are open every day except Sunday with hours of 10 am until 9:30 pm so it is a great casual place to dine for any meal of the day.  Stop in and create your own crepe flavour from a large variety of fillings or try one of their specialities from sweet to savoury!

Google rating: n/a

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

10. Pachapapa – Traditional Peruvian

Contributed by Sean from Living Out Lau

Another great restaurant in Cusco serving traditional Peruvian food is Pachapapa.

Pachapapa is located in San Blas, one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Cusco. This neighbourhood is within distance walking distance from the Plaza de Armas, perfect for hungry tourists after sightseeing. Their menu has an extensive selection of Peruvian dishes, from ceviche to cuy (guinea pig) and more.

If you are in Cusco to have an authentic experience, I highly recommend giving the cuy, ceviche, and alpaca a try. Ceviche is the national dish of Peru, and the ones in Cusco use river fish like trout which makes the flavour very unique. Cuy and alpaca are both dishes that have been consumed for hundreds of years by the indigenous people.

skewers of alpaca meat on a bed of potatoes
Alpaca at Pacahapapa. Photo: Sean from Living Out Lau

And of course, don’t forget to complement your meal with a chicha mora, a purple corn drink native to this region of Peru!

Google rating: 4.5

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

11. Urpi – Pizza & Peruvian / Casual Dining

Contributed by Brandon from Zimmin Around The World

Just a few side streets north of Plaza de Armas is Urpi, a casual restaurant serving a range of cuisines. There is something for everyone at this casual local restaurant.

They serve pizza fresh from a brick oven and other dishes like pasta and Mexican food.

They also serve traditional Peruvian cuisine, including Cuy al Horno and Lomo de Alpaca. If travelling to Peru, visitors should at least try some local dishes. If cuy (guinea pig) is a bit too adventurous, try an alpaca kebab. You’d be surprised by how flavorful some of these dishes are.

Urpi is the perfect restaurant for vacationers, whether you’ve just arrived from a long flight or spent days hiking to Machu Picchu, this restaurant isn’t anything fancy and everyone is welcome. It is recommended to try a Cusquena, a local Peruvian beer or a Pisco Sour, which is a local Peruvian cocktail drink to go along with your recommended Peruvian dish or pizza.

Google rating: 4.2

Trip Adviser rating: 4.5

Map: Best Restaurants In Cusco

Here’s a map of the best restaurants in Cusco that we’ve shared with you in this post:

How To Use This Map: Click the tab in the top left-hand corner of the map to view the layers. If you click the icons on the map, you can get more information about each one.  If you click the star next to the map’s title, it will be added to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu, go to ‘Your Places’ or ‘Saved’, then click Maps and you will see this map in your list.

In summary

I hope we’ve given you some great ideas for eating out in Cusco. It really does have a great, varied food scene. If you need more Cusco inspiration, check out my guide to things to do in Cusco and also day trips from Cusco.

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