31 Romantic Things To Do In Paris For Couples In 2024

fountain and pond with flowers in Luxembourg Gardens - one of the best things to do in paris for couples

If you’re trying to find romantic things to do in Paris, you have come to the right place. I have been to Paris with my then boyfriend, now husband many times, and in my personal view, Paris is a great place to explore as a couple. There are plenty of things to do, things to see and places to eat that are perfect for couples to share together.

I have my own recommendations for romantic things to do in Paris, which I share below, but I have also canvassed the opinions of some other travel bloggers, so this is a combined view from many of us who know and love Paris.

Now, if you are familiar with my blog, you might remember me writing about Paris Syndrome and how some people become disappointed if they expect Paris to be romantic everywhere all of the time. So, is this post on romantic things to do in Paris for couples a contradiction to that post?  No, because two things are true: Paris is not 100% about romance and glamour; at the same time, there are many wonderful romantic things to do in Paris (if you know where to find them).

So if you want to know all the best romantic things to do in Paris for couples, read on.

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31 Romantic Things To Do In Paris

Here is my list of 30 romantic things to do in Paris for couples in 2024. The list is long and organised into categories, so feel free to use the table of contents (above) to skip around.

Romantic Paris Couple Activities

These things to do in Paris for couples are fun or romantic activities and they involve paying for a ticket or access to the activity.

1. Arc De Triomphe Rooftop At Sunset

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

Let’s start with on of my favourites.

The Arc De Triomphe is an impressive sight. Napoleon’s monument to the victory of France in the Battle of Austerlitz is the perfect centre-piece to the grand boulevards that converge on Place de Charles de Gaulle. It’s great to see it from street level on whatever kind of visit to Paris you go on, but if you’re in Paris as a couple, I urge you to get a ticket to the rooftop terrace on the arch. It is a great experience to share with someone special.

Eiffel tower seen over the rooftops of paris at sunset
View from the Arc De Triomphe as sunset approaches

My advice is to time your visit to start an hour before sunset so that you and your lover can watch the sky change colour as the sun goes down and the lights come on over Paris. It’s a perfect viewpoint, with 360 views all over the city, including a great view of the Eiffel Tower. 

It’s such a good thing to do in Paris that I included it at the end of my itinerary for 4 days in Paris. And I even suggest it as something to do even if you’re only in Paris for one day.

Eiffel tower seen over the rooftops of paris - lit up at night
The Eiffel Tower seen from Arc De Triomphe: it sparkles on the hour after dark

Access is via 284 steps up a spiral staircase, so it’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you have mobility issues, there is a small elevator that you can ask to use instead. As with most major monuments in Paris, it’s best to book Arc De Triomphe tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

2. Row Boating In Bois De Vincennes

Contributed by Jen from Dabbling in Jet Lag

How cute would it be to go row boating with your significant other? And what better place than Bois de Vincennes

couple rowing a boat on a lake with flowers and trees on the banks
Lac Daumesnil in Bois de Vincennes

Located on the edge of Paris in the 12th arrondissement, this beautiful park is full of lush gardens, scenic views, and endless walking paths. It’s the perfect spot to relax and spend an afternoon. Then, if you’re up for an excursion, rent a paddle boat and explore Lake Daumesnil. It’s a scenic setting that will no doubt give that extra fairytale-like feel to your afternoon.

Bois de Vincennes is also home to several other fantastic attractions like Parc Floral de Paris and Château Vincennes. And there are plenty of bakeries nearby where you can buy food for a picnic if you want to add that to your date itinerary.

temple on an island surrounded by a lake with row boats on it

My husband and I have spent many Saturday afternoons in Bois de Vincennes. It’s our personal sanctuary where we go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. And even though it’s popular, the park is so big it never feels full.

Bois de Vincennes is open year-round. But, if you’re visiting Paris in summer, you’ll be sure to have nice weather.

3. Top Of The Eiffel Tower

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

Of course, one of the absolutely classic romantic things to do in Paris is to go up the Eiffel Tower. At such a height (300 meters), the views over Paris are stunning – and it can be a lovely thing to experience together as a couple. You can gaze over the city, using one of the viewfinders and spot your favourite landmarks from on high. And perhaps you’ll have a kiss at the top.

viewfinder at the top of the Eiffel Tower with view over the gardens and buildings of Paris
View From The Eiffel Tower. Photo by Sarah from CosmopoliClan

This icon of Paris was built for the 1889 Exposition Universelle, 100 years after the French Revolution. It took 2 years and 7,300 tonnes of iron – and it wasn’t received well by all: one critic at the time called it a ‘truly tragic street lamp’.

But, despite some early complaints, it has endured and remains the hero of the Paris skyline – it draws the eye from all around like a magnet. Climbing it is kind of a rite of passage – definitely something to plan for your first time in Paris.

It is popular, though, so it’s best to book your tickets ahead of time, especially if you want to go to the top floor, which has limited space.  And bear in mind that at that height, it will be cold on the outdoor viewing platform. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower with my husband on our first Valentine’s Day together (he surprised me with a trip to Paris – how romantic!) and it was freezing in February! But it can be cold up there even in the height of summer, so bring layers.

4. Seine River Cruise

Contributed by Lisa of Waves and Cobblestones

Taking a Seine River cruise can be a really romantic thing for couples to do when visiting Paris.   It’s also a great way to get an overview of the city, as many of the famous Paris attractions are located along the banks of the Seine.

glass curved roof of the grand palais in paris seen across the river seine
The Grand Palais, seen from a Seine River cruise

You can craft your own Paris sightseeing adventure using the hop-on-hop-off Batobus.  Batobus Paris has nine stops along the Seine, and a one-day adult pass costs around €20. In addition to the Batobus, two of the most popular river cruise companies are Bateaux Parisiens, located near the Eiffel Tower, and Bateaux Mouches, located midway between the Pont de l’Alma and the Pont des Invalides.

Cruises operate from late morning and into the evening; timetables vary seasonally.   Snuggle with your sweetie as you pass by iconic Parisian monuments such as Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.  Regular sightseeing cruises cost around €15 for an adult ticket, with higher prices for special packages.

Book a dinner cruise and spend a dreamy evening on the Seine, enjoying a delicious meal while you glide past the illuminated monuments of Paris.  My favourite is the hourly twinkling lights show on the Eiffel Tower.

And if you’re ready to pop the question, there are even marriage proposal cruise packages – très romantique!

5. Climb The Dome Of Sacré-Cœur

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

The Basilica of Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, or Sacré-Cœur for short, kind of oozes romance. It’s a Roman Catholic church, but its architecture is elegant and a little whimsical. The white stone and smooth curved domes are incredibly attractive.

view over city of paris with the eiffel tower in the distance and white stone columns and domes at the side
View from the Sacré-Cœur. Photo by Dymabroad

Why not take your date to the Sacré-Cœur – it’s one of the loveliest things to do in Paris for couples. Start at the foot of the butte of Montmartre and admire it from the gardens. Then walk up the hill, or take the funicular, to the entrance.  The view is nice there, but it gets crowded. Explore the church interior and, if you feel like a climb, there are steps up to the top, where you can gaze across Paris from within the domes.

Afterwards, have a walk around Montmartre, which has some of the most beautiful streets in Paris. Afterwards, grab a drink in Place du Tertre.

6. Roue De Paris: Tuileries Ferris Wheel

Contributed by Melanie from Postcards And Places

Amusement parks can be romantic places, which makes the Roue de Paris (Ferris wheel) at the Jardin des Tuileries one of the romantic things to do in Paris for couples. It even made an appearance on an episode of the Netflix series Emily in Paris!

large ferris wheel lit up at night
Roue de Paris

At 60 metres (197 feet) high, it offers couples a private view of the city from above. Sitting together in that little cabin, you can see north all the way to the Sacré-Cœur and southwest to the glittering Eiffel Tower. Sunset is a beautiful and romantic time to go, and at night, which was when I was there, you can see all the sparkling lights of the city. Each rotation of the wheel gives you another opportunity to admire the views—or not, of course. 

The big wheel is located near the entrance at the northern edge of the Jardin des Tuileries. The Fête des Tuileries, which is free to enter, takes place during the summer, from late June to late August.

7. Palace Of Versailles

Contributed by Jill from Jill On Journey

Is there anything more romantic than visiting a palace and its flowery gardens? Just outside of Paris, you can find one of the world’s most iconic palaces and probably one of the most fascinating places in France: The Palace of Versailles.

It has been built in the 17th century and is especially well-known for its amazing gardens full of fountains and colourful flowers. So Spring is definitely the best time to visit, especially if you’re looking for a romantic time. While this is also the most popular time of the year, you will find a quiet spot for a romantic picnic within the 250 acres for sure. You can easily spend hours in the impressive gardens and use the time to slow down during your trip.

ornately decorated room with portraits, gold trim and tall windows
Palace of Versailles

In case you’re also interested in visiting the castle itself, you should plan to spend around 2 hours inside. The Royal Family around King Louis XIV actually fell so in love with the castle that they moved the royal court from Paris to Versailles in 1682. Besides, it’s also a place that represents peace, as the end of the first World War was signed here.

You can reach Versailles in just under one hour, both by train or by car. Tickets start around €20, but you can enter for free if you’re an EU citizen under the age of 26. Usually, the palace is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., but there are also specials, such as a fountain show at night. Sounds romantic, right?

I visited Versailles in winter and only got a glimpse of what the gardens may look like in Spring, so I can’t wait for my next trip to Paris in springtime.

Food-based Paris Date Ideas

If you’re looking for food-based romantic things to do in Paris, here are some ideas for food- or drink-oriented dates in Paris.  

8. Sunset Drinks On Saule Pleureur De La Pointe

The furthest tip of Square du Vert-Galant, the banks of Île de la Cité form a point into the middle of the Seine. There’s a gorgeous weeping willow tree on Saule Pleureur de la Pointe and at the end of the day, it’s a popular spot for Parisians to come and sit, often with a picnic or a bottle of wine to share.

couple sit under a willow tree on the banks of the seine at sunset
Sunset at Saule Pleureur De La Pointe

It’s lovely to watch the sun go down over Paris from this place: the sky changing colour over Pont ds Arts and the Louvre. So pick up a bottle or a snack and get here early to secure your spot on the riverside.

city sunset over several bridges
Paris sunset over Pont des Arts (Louvre on the right)

9. Coffee In Cute Paris Cafes

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

Now, I did say in my post about Paris Syndrome, that if you expect Paris to be all cobbled streets and cute cafes, you could be disappointed. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many cute cafes in Paris.

A lovely date idea for couples in Paris is to have a drink and enjoy each other’s company in one of Paris’s pretty cafes. There are lots of them – more than I have visited, I’m sure, but here are three of my personal favourites…

Odette is a tiny little place in the Latin Quarter – but so cute. It only has a few tables, all outdoors, so it might be best to avoid it if the weather is bad. Its appeal is in its quaint shop front, its deliciously light choux buns, and its view of Notre Dame.

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is another place that is best to visit in nice weather as the nicest seats are outside on the street, looking towards the glorious front of this café. Vines cover the wall, giving off a wild country cottage feel – right in the middle of Île de la Cité.

La Maison Rose is a gorgeous pink cafe in Montmartre. And not only is it very pretty, it has a bohemiam heritage: in the early 20th century, it was owned by an artist who was friends with Dali and Picasso; and in the 1960s, it served writers and singers such as Albert Camus and Dalida. Unsurprisingly, it is popular, so best to book ahead.

pink cafe with green shutters
La Maison Rose

10. Take A Cooking Class

Contributed by Taylor from Traverse With Taylor

A quintessentially French experience to add to your couple’s Paris itinerary is to participate in a Parisian Cooking Class. 

It is no secret that the French are well-known for their love language being food. From mouth-watering crepes to delectable wines and, of course, bread and pastries of all kinds.

If you feel like trying one of the more unique things to do in Paris for couples, try your hand at this French art with your significant other. It’s the perfect chance to get your hands dirty and make memories doing something that’s likely a new experience for both of you.

row of macarons in different colours
Learn to make macarons

Cooking classes are available for many types of foods. Learn to make macaronsfrench pastries, or even a three-course dinner that comes complete with a market visit and wine tasting.

Whatever you make, this will be a fun, romantic experience in Paris that you won’t soon forget!

11. Picnic In Parc Des Buttes Chaumont

Contributed by Sam Opp from Find Love and Travel

A romantic spot that is particularly special is the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, which is an off-the-beaten-path Paris park that feels so authentic to France and is enjoyed by both tourists and locals. It is a perfect romantic spot to add to your 5-day Paris itinerary.

small temple on top of a rocky cliff surrounded by trees
Parc des Buttes Chaumont

The location is perfect for a sunrise, sunset stroll, or picnic. And with 25 hectares of an open field and free Wi-Fi, you can bring a picnic along with you to enjoy. If you’re feeling more adventurous, enjoy the lovely views from the top of the hanging bridges for a fun time with your partner. Not only that, but the spectacular views of the city from the top of the cliff that you get to experience here are really charming. 

The park is nice to visit at any time of the year, but is especially wonderful in the Spring and Summer and can be easily visited by train. 

I love this destination and find that you can really feel at peace here and it easily makes the perfect date night for you and your partner to escape from the crowded city and relax and unwind.

12. Dinner At A Cozy Bistro

Contributed by Amber from Amber Everywhere

Whether you visit Paris for a weekend or longer, no trip is complete without a traditional French meal. There are, to be sure, plenty of restaurants to choose from in Paris, but a cosy bistro can provide an intimate dining experience, perfect for a romantic date night. 

My favourite bistro in Paris is Le Florimond, a small restaurant located about a 10-minute walk from Champs de Mars, the park that is adjacent to the Eiffel Tower. At Le Florimond, you’ll find traditional French fare, but with plenty of vegetables incorporated into the dishes. 

plate of some kind of stew with root vegetables and a sausage
Food at Le Florimond

French bistros can sometimes have very few vegetarian or vegan options on the menu. Alert the restaurant ahead of time if you have dietary restrictions to ensure they’ll be able to accommodate you. 

When visiting any bistro in Paris, make a reservation ahead of time if you can. As a general rule, you’ll want to avoid any restaurant within several blocks of the city’s major landmarks – these are generally targeted towards tourists and offer lower-quality options. Google Translate has a photo translation function that can be very helpful for translating menus if you don’t speak French. 

13. Restaurants With A View

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

If you’d like a special date as a couple, a good romantic option is a dinner with a view. Paris doesn’t have many high-rise buildings, but it is still possible to find restaurants with views across the city.

modern restairant with views over paris including gothic church towers
Le Georges

Some of my own favourite restaurants with a view include Le Georges, which is a restaurant on the top floor of the Pompidou Centre with views towards Tour Saint-Jacques. The views are clearest out on the open-air terrace, but there is indoor seating available. The menu is mixed Mediterranean.

L’Oiseau Blanc is in the Peninsula Hotel and has a lovely indoor dining room with a view of the Eiffel tower – indoor, making it a good option for Paris in winter. Do check the menu before you book, though – it is definitely on the expensive side (my husband and I had severe menu shock when we went recently). However, the food was wonderful and the service was impeccable. There’s also an outside terrace you could relax on after dinner if the weather is good.

La Tour d’Argent is a restaurant with a long heritage, a Michelin star and a view of Notre Dame. I went here as a couple, with my husband on a day trip to Paris. It was before the renovation, so I don’t know what the dining room will look like, but both the food and the view were very impressive.

14. Falafel & Place Des Vosges

Contributed by Kate McCulley of Adventurous Kate

A lot of people think that romance in Paris is all about candlelit dinners and bottles of wine, escargots and steak au poivre followed by an île flottante, finished off with a cheese plate. Well, if you’ve been eating like that for days in Paris, you and your partner will be eager for something lighter — but no less romantic.

Take a stroll over to Rue des Rosiers in le Marais. The Marais is one of the best areas to stay and is also home to historically marginalized communities in Paris, including the Jewish community and the LGBTQ community.

The Jewish centre of Paris is on Rue des Rosiers. Here you’ll find L’As du Fallafel, a kosher Middle Eastern restaurant dishing up sumptuous pitas packed with falafel, hummus, and plenty of veggies sauces. And it’s under 10 euros — a Parisian bargain!

people sitting in small groupd on grass surrounded by handsome red brick buildings
Place des Vosges

Walk around the corner to Place des Vosges, a beautiful square in the heart of the Marais, and join the locals sitting on the grass or on one of the surrounding benches. You’ve put together a romantic picnic for two — perhaps not the obvious French picnic, but a delicious one. 

Free Things To Do In Paris For Couples

It’s easy to spend money in Paris, so if you’ve already blown your budget or you’re simply keen to avoid that, here are some ideas of FREE things to do in Paris for couples.

15. Walk Down Pink Cherry Blossom Tunnels

This idea is season-specific, because there will not be blossoms in Paris all year-round. But if you happen to be in Paris during cherry blossom season (late March to mid/late April), this could be a really lovely romantic thing to do in Paris – and it costs nothing!

Check my post about all the best places to see cherry blossoms in Paris – and pick one or two for a stroll.

tunnel of pink cherry blossoms in paris
Mail de Bievre: how romantic is this cherry blossom tunnel?

One that comes to mind for me is Mail de Bievre, which is a walkway in a park in the south of Paris where the blossoms form a tunnel – it’s so gorgeous and you feel like you’re immersed in a pink wonderland. There are benches along the path, so you can stay here a while, enjoying the pretty pinkness.

A more centrally-located spot that I think is especially romantic is Square Gabriel-Pierne, where the blossoms form a canopy over this quiet square.

statue of a girl set against a dense pink canopy of cherry blossoms in Paris
Square Gabriel-Pierne

16. Wander Around Villagey Montmartre

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

One of the best romantic and also free things to do in Paris for couples is to enjoy a stroll through Montmartre. It’s a hilltop area with a villagey feel, and there are plenty of cobbled streets to wander down with your lover. In Spring, it’s also one of the places where you can see cherry blossoms in Paris.

There are also plenty of cute cafes and bars if you want to stop and get a drink. Some particularly pretty places include La Maison Rose and Le Consulat, which both have a distinguished list of past patrons including famous artists. There are also some lovely stairways connecting the hilltop with the lower ground, these are pretty in and of themselves, and they also give some glimpses over Paris.

cobbled street curves uphill towards a pink building and the towers of the sacre-coeur in montmartre
Place Dalida & Rue de l’Abreuvoir

It’s very rewarding to simply wander and see what you find – no agenda. However, if you would prefer to have some pointers, you could follow my route on this self-guided walking tour of Montmartre, which includes all the main landmarks as well as some lesser-known corners of Montmartre.

17. Explore Luxembourg Gardens

Contributed by Denise from Chef Denise

Exploring the Luxembourg Gardens, or Jardin du Luxembourg as it is known in Paris, is one of the most romantic things for couples to do in the City of Love. In the heart of the 6th arrondissement, you’ll find this 60-acre park that expands to the edge of the Latin Quarter. Complete with a princely palace, a forest, stunning gardens, open-air cafés, secret fountains and more, you could spend the whole day here.

ornate fountain and pond lined with flowers in luxembourg gardens in paris
Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Palace dominates the north end. Pre-revolution, it actually was a palace, but currently, it’s the home of France’s Senate. Stroll through the forest and admire the gorgeous gardens with colourful blooms. In the northeast corner, you’ll find one of the loveliest statues in Paris, the Fontaine Médici. This hidden gem dates back to 1630, and when you peek around the back you’ll see another secret fountain few ever notice. 

Watch the boat races on the pond at the centre of the park. And if you spend enough time here you’ll probably need a snack. There are a few cafés and two restaurants that offer some of the traditional French foods you will not want to miss. Bon Appétit! 

18. Watch The Eiffel Tower Light Up

Contributed by Alanna from Periodic Adventures

One of the most romantic things to do in Paris is watching the Eiffel Tower light up with your significant other. There’s something magical about seeing the lights twinkling in the evening air, and holding the hand of your partner.

The Eiffel Tower lights up each night on the hour starting at sundown. Because the time of sunset changes seasonally and daily, there is no set start time. However, the final lighting of the Eiffel Tower is at 1 am when there is a special light-up consisting of only the white twinkling lights (not the yellow decorative lights). The 1 am lighting is the last light-up experience each night.

looking up at the eiffel tower lit up in yellow lights at night
Eiffel Tower at night

There are many places to watch the Eiffel Tower light up but here are some of the most romantic.

First, from the Eiffel Tower Garden below, you can bring an evening picnic and a blanket and set up your watch party from the grass. You won’t be alone in the centre of the garden, but if you venture to the left or right sides of the main stretch, you can find more peaceful, romantic viewing areas that are less crowded.

Alternatively, head down to the Seine with wine and a picnic and watch while listening to the water and boats go by. You can often find less crowded and more romantic spots here because the Seine spans such a great distance in Paris. And, because the Eiffel Tower is such a tall beacon, you can see it from almost anywhere.

One final spot to check out would be behind the Carousel adjacent to the Eiffel Tower. The area out front is very crowded typically, but behind it, you can watch both the Eiffel Tower light up and the carousel in action.

19. Stroll Along Canal Saint Martin

Contributed by PlacesofJuma

A romantic stroll along Canal Saint Martin is a must-do for couples in Paris. This little canal, located in the east of Paris, was completed in 1825 and is nowadays a real gem in the City of Love. It is located in a gorgeous former working-class area. If you wish to stay in this neighbourhood, there are also some cute boutique hotels and restaurants for a dinner. 

peaceful tree-lined canal with people sitting on the edges and the sky reflected on the water
Canal Saint Martin

The most beautiful section of the 4.5-kilometre Canal Saint Martin is located between Rue Dieu and Rue des Récollets. Especially the flair is so romantic here. The canal enchants with many magnificent locks, Venetian footbridges, lush green parks with flowers and chestnut trees, and of course, delightful small spots to relax and enjoy by the water. 

One of the finest things you can do in Paris is walk down the canal with your love and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Bring a bottle of red wine and a wonderful meal to experience the unique ambience of hidden Paris right on the water. But don’t forget to bring your camera! The Canal Saint Martin provides several romantic picture options.

20. Sunrise At Trocadero

Contributed by Christine from Live Love Run Travel

If you are looking for romantic things to do in Paris for couples, a sunrise at Trocadero is tough to beat. Trocadero is known as being one of the best Eiffel Tower photo spots, but if you visit in the afternoon or evening, you’ll find it crowded and harder to enjoy.

Eiffel Tower, seen from Trocadero

At sunrise, Trocadero lacks the crowds and gives it a more private feel. You can stroll around the area and surrounding gardens or just stand at the top and take in the view as the sun rises and lights up the famous tower.

Trocadero offers clear views of the Eiffel Tower looking across Pont d’Lena with the Jardins du Trocadero and the River Seine adding to the romance of the view. This outdoor area is free and open 24 hours a day, and it is worth the visit no matter when you can make it. However, if you can visit at sunrise, you’ll be in for a magical treat.

If you don’t mind spending some money, take home a memory of your sunrise adventure by hiring a photographer to shoot some couples’ shots while you are there. It’s a popular spot for engagement photos and couple photos as well as proposals.

21. Explore The Covered Passage Of Paris

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

If you and your date are interested in historical architecture and unique independent shops, maybe you’d like to spend some time exploring some of the best covered passages in Paris?

The covered passages are purpose-built covered walkways dating from the 19th century. They were designed to be a more genteel place to shop than the open street. While some have since fallen into disrepair, several are still very attractive spaces, with unique shops and cafes and charming original features.

They’re dotted around Paris, but there are three of my favourites which are close to each other and could be explored together as a couple. Passage Verdeau, Passage Jouffroy and Passage des Panoramas run onto each other, so you could start in Verdeau and work your way through to Panoramas. They’re perfect for browsing or finding somewhere for a drink and a conversation.

arched walkway with glass ceiling and old-fashioned street lights in a covered passage in Paris
Passage des Panoramas

Verdeau and Jouffroy both have art and print shops and several old and rare bookshops. Passage des Panoramas is probably my favourite: it specialises in vintage stamp shops, but also has many good food options, including a great pizza place, and some classic bistros.

22. Enjoy The View From Promenade Plantée René-Dumont

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

There’s a scene from the movie Before Sunset, where the two reconnected lovers walk in Paris along an elevated garden walkway. This is Promenade Plantée René-Dumont (or Coulée verte René-Dumont) and walking along it is one of the lovely outdoor things to do in Paris for couples.

pink cherry blossoms on a garden pathway
Coulée verte René-Dumont in Spring

Similar to the High Line in New York City, it was built on top of the former tracks of the Vincennes railway line and runs 4.7 km (2.9 miles) from Avenue Daumesnil near the Bastille to Boulevard Périphérique. You don’t have to walk the entire length, of course. You could join at one of the many stairways up to the walkway and come down when you want.

If you’re in Paris in Spring, Summer or Autumn, you should find the walkway is alive with plants and people. It also presents some nice views of the streets below.

23. Walk The Banks Of The Seine

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

One of the classic things to do in Paris for couples is, of course, strolling the banks of the Seine River. It’s perfect to do if it is your first time in Paris because you see so much of the city from the river.

haussmann style buildings next to a river and bridge in paris
The Seine

The river, and its UNESCO World Heritage-listed banks, are steeped in history. There has been a settlement on the River Seine at IL de la Cite, since the Roman times, and along the river, you’ll find many of the major monuments in Paris, including Notre-Dame, the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and of course, the Eiffel Tower. There are many historic bridges, including Pont Neuf and Pont des Arts.

The River even plays a role in helping us understand Paris: the Right Bank (Rive Droite) is associated with the official business of Paris: it’s where the Hotel De Ville (town hall) and Royal Palace are, and where the well-to-do lived. The Left Bank (Rive Gauche) is known for being the more intellectual and philosophical part: it’s where the Sorbonne university is, and also where philosophers hung out in the 1950s and 60s.

green street-side stalls selling prints and souveinirs

Finally, adding to the river’s charm are the Bouquinistes: independent vendors selling old books, magazines, prints and collectables from iconic green metal stalls. Have a browse with your loved one and maybe you’ll find a souvenir to remember your time in Paris by.

24. Discover The Pretty Parks And Gardens Of Paris

Contributed by Renee of Dream Plan Experience 

Is there anything more enchanting than pretty parks and gardens in Paris? It’s here that you’ll find couples slowly strolling arm in arm or sitting side-by-side on a bench. Engrossed in a quiet conversation, perhaps reading aloud from a book to each other or embraced in a kiss. It’s the beauty in that quiet moment, with the backdrop of a beautiful park that is utterly romantic.

Tuilleries Gardens

Stroll through the gardens of the Rodin Museum in the 7th arrondissement. Past the neatly trimmed boxwoods and clipped yews bordering the flower beds seeking out the sculptures by the famed artist. Some are out in the open while others are discreetly set in the bushes.

Across the Seine visit one of the most romantic parks in Paris, Palais Royal, in the 1st arrondissement. Walk under the tree-lined pathways of this elegantly landscaped grounds of the 17th-century palace. Of the 52 benches found under the linden trees of this garden, 18 are inscribed on the backrests with 20th-century quotes.

Our favourite bench is adorned with “Ma joie vient de la nouveauté de mon émotion” – César Vallejo (1919-1937), which translates to “My joy comes from the newness of my emotion.”

Arty Things To Do In Paris For Couples

If you’re interested in art, you might like to go to a museum or exhibition as a couple in Paris. The most famous Paris galleries are, of course, the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay. However, we have a few more ideas for you here.

25. Musée de l’Orangerie

Contributed by me, Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com

Paris is full of world-class art, and while some of the major art galleries contain huge collections, when you’re looking to spend quality time as a couple, you don’t necessarily want so many pieces of art to work through.

One of my favourite galleries in Paris has a small exhibit, but it is perfect for experiencing something unique together as a couple.

I visited Musée de l’Orangerie when travelling in Paris solo, but my first visit was while I was in Paris with my husband. We’d wandered around Paris all day and stumbled upon it towards the end of the day (I actually didn’t know about it at the time – it was a lovely surprise discovery).

wide panoramic painting of waterlillies in a white oval room at musee de l'orangerie in paris
Musée de l’Orangerie

The museum’s main exhibition is a series of Monet’s waterlilies: large-scale paintings that are arranged in two oval-shaped rooms, four in each room. There’s nothing but these waterlilies and the gorgeous light from the skylight above. There are seats in the middle of each room, so you and your partner can sit and take it all in, sharing this immersive experience together.

You can buy tickets for Musée de l’Orangerie in advance.

26. Giverny & Monet’s Garden

Contributed by Kristin of Global Travel Escapades

If you’re staying in Paris and looking for a relaxing and romantic activity to do with your partner, consider visiting the charming town of Giverny, once home to Monet. Located about an hour outside of Paris by way of train, this small village is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in the French capital.

You and your partner will be able to take in the lovely sights of all the small cottages and petite stone buildings while wandering along the winding cobblestone streets. You also find there are a couple of lovely parks located along the Seine and that it’s easy enough to find an undisturbed spot to have an intimate picnic without hundreds of other people joining you — unlike in Paris.

cottage and garden with arches walkway covered with creeping plants
Monet’s house & gardens in Giverny

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more educational activity while in Giverny, you can visit Monet’s house and gardens. Here, you’ll be able to see a restored version of his home, explore his beautiful gardens, and walk around his dreamy estate.

All in all, if you and your partner are ready to get away from all the chaos of the city and enter the idyllic French countryside, then consider making your way to Giverny. It is one of the best day trips from Paris by train.

27. Louis Vuitton Foundation

Contributed by Bea from PackYourBags

The Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris has become a romantic destination for many couples. Located in the beautiful park Bois de Boulogne, it is one of the most iconic buildings in the city of light and provides breathtaking views of the Parisian skyline. 

angular steel stone and wood structure through which is seen skyscrapers in the distance
Louis Vuitton Foundation

The museum has both visiting and permanent exhibits. And occasionally there are music performances at the foundation.

A visit to the museum can be followed by a lunch or dinner at Le Frank, a restaurant inside the foundation, run by a Michelin-star decorated chef Jean-Louis Nomicos. What better way to enjoy a date than with art and an elegant meal? And to finish off your romantic day, a stroll in the surrounding Bois de Boulogne is highly recommended.

The foundation is open daily (except Tuesdays) from morning through to evening (hours vary from day to day). Visitors should buy their tickets ahead of time and pick the time of their visit. Tickets are €16 per adult and €5 for people under 18. A €2-euro shuttle takes museum ticket holders from Place de Charles de Gaulle and back.

Art, architecture, music, a Michelin-star meal and a nature walk – that’s a recipe for a perfect romantic day in Paris if you ask me.

28. Love Wall In Montmartre

Contributed by Constance at A Well-Read Wanderer

One iconic romantic spot to visit in Paris is found in the bohemian neighbourhood of Montmartre. The I Love You Wall, or le mur des je t’aime in French, was created in 2000 by two artists, Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito. The Love Wall was created to serve as both a rendezvous point for lovers in Paris and a tribute to universal love.

wall with blue tiles on which is written phrases meaning 'i love you' in many languages
The Love wall

The Paris Love Wall is covered in lava tiles bearing the phrase “I love you,” but written in 311 languages. The story goes that the idea for the love wall started with Baron asking his friends, neighbours, and then strangers to write down “I love you” in their own language, and the project grew until it included more than 300 expressions of love in as many languages.

This is not a showy location in Paris, although it was featured in Emily in Paris season 3 as a scenic proposal location. The Love Wall is unassuming but moving, and perhaps best of all it’s free!  Come grab a bench and take in this beautiful tribute to love, and make sure to get a photo of you and your special someone before continuing your romantic Paris walk. 

And if you ask me, if you or your special someone are book lovers, the most romantic stroll in Paris is the one that leads to a Paris bookstore

Special & Romantic Things To Do In Paris

To round out this list of romantic things to do in Paris for couples, here are a few which are a little bit pricey, but might be just right for a special occasion.

29. Lunch On The Eiffel Tower

Contributed by Daniel and Ilona from Top Travel Sights

One of the most romantic experiences in Paris is dinner on the Eiffel Tower. You can find two restaurants on the Eiffel Tower, both of which offer delicious food and fantastic views of Paris.

The most famous one is Jules Vernes, located on the tower’s second floor. This restaurant offers a more casual “a la carte” lunch menu and five and seven-course dinner tasting menus. Coming up here isn’t cheap, but what’s more romantic than sitting on the Eiffel Tower while enjoying French food and a view of Paris?

One floor lower, on the Eiffel Tower’s first floor, you can find Madame Brasserie. This restaurant is slightly more casual than Jules Verne, and a bit more affordable, though don’t let that fool you. The food is delicious, and the service is excellent.

colourful plate of food including octopus and green leaves
Food at Madame Brasserie in the Eiffel Tower

If you want to splurge on dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower, make sure to book your table well in advance. We were lucky and secured a spot in Madame Brasserie one week in advance, but especially in high season, that’s the exception. And Jules Vernes can book out months in advance.

Your dinner reservation includes an elevator ticket to the restaurant so you can visit the Eiffel Tower afterwards.

30. Michelin-Star Dining

Contributed by Christine Rogador from Journey To France

Dining in a fancy or Michelin-rated restaurant is one of the most indulgent experiences a couple can have in Paris. These restaurants offer a combination of exquisite cuisine, elegant and intimate ambience, and impeccable service, making them the perfect setting for a special evening with a loved one.

Two of the best fancy restaurants in Paris for couples are Baieta in the 5th arrondissement and Les Comptoir des Petit Champs near Palais de Royale. 

plate of dainty food with intricately designed wafers on top
Food from Baieta

Baieta is owned by Chef Julia Sedefdjian, the youngest chef in France to receive one star from Michelin in 2016 at the age of 21. This Michelin-rated restaurant in Paris offers a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine. They offer a tasting menu with a big emphasis on Southern French coast’ produce.

Les Comptoir des Petits Champs, on the other hand, is one of the best-rated restaurants in Gault & Millau – another popular and highly respected restaurant guide in France. Just like in Michelin, a restaurant can’t be in Gault & Millau if it’s not exceptional. It is also cheaper than Baieta. The restaurant is located just behind Palais de Royale and offers a cosy and intimate atmosphere with a menu that features classic French and fusion dishes made with high-quality ingredients. The best part? They often change their menu so each visit can be a unique experience.

Being both popular and good, needless to say, prepare to pay between $150-$500 for 2 people. You also have to book in advance: Les Comptoir can be booked a few days in advance but expect a longer wait for Baieta. It took us a couple of weeks and it was for 10:30 pm. 

Tip: If you choose Les Comptoir, take a romantic walk to the garden of Palais de Royale after dinner. Then continue to the Louvre and enter the tunnel-like arch. If you’re lucky you might get serenaded by a violinist and this is also the best time to enjoy a romantic evening in the Louvre without the crowd.

31. Take A Champagne Tour

Contributed by Megan from Megan Starr

Did you know the Champagne region of France is extremely close to Paris? A romantic day spent together touring vineyards, wandering through cool cellars, and tasting different types of champagne makes Champagne country the perfect day trip from Paris.

tray of champagne flutes filled with champagne

Reims and Epernay are the two towns most famous for their Champagne houses. You can visit producers, sample different Champagnes, and do some shopping.

If you take a day trip to Reims, also check out the incredible cathedral, and if you visit Epernay, make sure to stroll down the Avenue de Champagne. But don’t limit your day to just seeing a town; head out to some of the rolling vineyards of the region, where you can get a tour and a tasting. Whether on the Avenue de Champagne or in the countryside, you can visit both world-famous brands and small family-run businesses. Some favourites include Dom Perignon, Moët & Chandon, Mercier, and Veuve Clicquot.

A great option for this type of trip is to join either a small group tour or take a private tour. Many tours are round trip from Paris so you won’t have to worry about transportation. Another advantage of a tour is the expert guide, who knows the best places and offers fascinating information about the region and Champagne-making processes.

To remember your special day together, don’t forget to buy a bottle of your favourite Champagne you tasted to pop on a special occasion.

Where To Stay In Paris For Romance

Splash Out On A Romantic Hotel

Contributed by Dan Bagby from Honeymoon Always

Your accommodations can have a huge impact on your couple’s trip to Paris. Some people go for a low-cost approach choosing to spend their travel budget on other experiences, but if you are looking to have a more comfortable and romantic getaway to Paris, consider splurging on a romantic hotel.

Imagine going back to your hotel at night with a view of the sparkling Eiffel Tower and a glass of champagne starting your day on your private balcony with breakfast sent to your room. These are just a few examples of hotel features you can enjoy by splurging a bit for a more romantic getaway.  Both the Peninsula Hotel and Hotel Regina Louvre offer this five-star level of luxury.

grand old hotel in Haussmann style of architecture with a gold statue in front of it
Hotel Regina Louvre

Spending more on your hotel room will make you feel a different level of comfort helping to ensure you are well-rested. This enhances the rest of the experiences of your trip. Additionally, more luxury hotels come with amenities you can enjoy. For example, Maison Bréguet has a pool on the bottom level with steam rooms and a sauna your body will appreciate after exploring the streets of Paris for the day.

view of eiffel tower over rooftops of paris
View from Maison Bréguet

One great benefit to a luxury hotel in Paris is the breakfast that is included at many hotels. By starting the day with breakfast at the hotel you are setting yourself up for a great day ahead. Whether you are on a honeymoon in France or just a quick getaway, splurging on a hotel can upgrade your entire experience. 

For more romantic hotel ideas, try Booking.com:

And if it’s your first visit to Paris, check out my hotel recommendations for the best places to stay in Paris for first-timers.

The Last Word

I hope this list has given you some good ideas of romantic things to do in Paris for couples. After all, there’s a reason some call Paris the City Of Love!

And, if you have not been to Paris before, do also have a look at my guide to Paris for first-timers and my perfect Paris 2-day itinerary.

Enjoy your romantic trip to Paris!

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